Juicers for health

Juicers For Health


Modern Juicers have come a long way. They're lighter than ever before, compact, definitely less noisy and certainly more productive than times past. New technology, with high powered motors, improved cutting blades and design produce more juice and less waste.

Some people may wonder, why make juice? Why not just buy it already prepared? It's much easier that way... isn't it? Not so much nowadays, all this new technology has really made a difference in that department. Easier to use, easier to clean and unlike most manufactured juice, fresh juice has no preservatives, added sugars or artificial flavourings. Because of all the extra vitamins and nutrients in fresh juice, most people notice a marked improvement in their health when they change over to fresh.

Juice can be a great source of energy, but without the calories. Great if you are dieting or just want to exercise a little control. A frozen juice pop can make a tasty alternative to the mass produced kind and with some many exotic fruits available throughout the year, it's hard to get bored. They make great treats for the kids, and a healthy alternative to candy bars and hot dogs. There are so many beneficial nutrients in fresh juice, but many of them do fade all too quickly. Some evaporate in minutes, the best thing to do is drink juice soon after you have made it. This way you will ensure you are getting the maximum from it. Try to avoid making really large batches, try to make time to prepare a fresh batch when you want it. This is much easier today, choose a model that is easy to clean and reassemble. If you don't, you may not use it as much because of all the fuss and inconvenience. After all, what's the point in buying one that you are never going to use!

If you really do need to store your fresh juice, there are a few simple things you can do to keep it fresher, longer. Add the juice of a lemon, the citric acid can help longevity. Use cold fruit or vegetables in the juicer and use the lower rpm if your juicer has that option. Generally, low rpm speed isn't needed, but when it comes to storage it can make a huge difference. Store your juice in glass or stainless steel containers and over fill them to cut down the air in the container. And remember, always keep your juice cold! There are many Juicers on the market today, using many different methods to extract juice. Storing the juice remains the same, no matter how you extract it. Plus, the fact remains, no matter the style of your machine, fresh juice is always best. Having the most nutrients and vitamins, everything the body needs to keep it energised and healthy.

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